Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Resolutions

2016 has been one hell of a ride. As the saying by the wise Kylie Jenner goes, it is the year of realizing things. Indeed, I realized a lot of things – but to be honest, I think it’s just because of the fact that I am getting older, thus my eyes are getting wider and I am more aware of my surroundings. Looking back, (as cliché as this sounds), I feel like I’m a whole different person now than I was in early 2016.

See, the ultimate question that is asked every time the new year comes is “What are your resolutions?” And truth be told, this question seems so simple – but to me, finding the answer isn’t always easy.

I’m never a person who goes big on resolutions. I like to keep my resolutions precise and clear so that I can refer back to them every time I feel lost in the middle of the year (which happens more frequently than I’d like to admit) and be reminded of my exact aim. I’m never a person who likes to get my hopes high too, thus my resolutions are often very few and only a little challenging. My 2016 goals weren’t spectacular – thus 2017 isn’t going to be any different.

(I cannot stress enough how important it is to have goals that are achievable than goals that are spectacular. The aim of goals is that you want to achieve it, so be sure to ‘ukur baju di badan sendiri’ and know your limits)

Thus, without further ado, here are my 2017 goals:

#1 Lose 12kgs in one year

I wanted to lose weight for years now. I tried dieting and exercising, but I fail every single time because I have literally zero motivation and zero discipline. Also, somehow, when it comes to losing weight, I often set the standard too high. Perhaps it’s desperation, but I kept aiming to lose like 3kgs in 1 month, which is practically impossible, considering that I’m not exactly the most active person around.

Thus, this year, I aim to exercise more frequently for the sake of my health. I want to eat a healthier diet that consist of vegetables and fruits (which isn’t a problem because I don’t mind eating them but I also LOVE greasy food alongside them). And of course, maintain my discipline until I achieve this aim. (We’ll see how this goes)

#2 Document important events

In 2017, I will be my second semester of my third year. The second semester is always the most interesting semester, to be honest. There are SO many things happening, and I can’t wait to experience all of them.

For instance, next semester, the third year TESL students (my batch) will be performing our own theatre production. It hasn’t even started, but all I know is that it’s going to be gruelling. Friendship will be tested – and don’t get me started on how stressful it’s going to be. Still, it’s definitely something worth documenting – and I’m actually quite excited to tell my story!

I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be an eventful year – and I honestly hope it’s going to be a happy one! (I really don’t want to fill this blog with sad, stressed posts)

#3 Finish 1 WIP

WIP (Work-In-Progress) refers to stories that I have been working on for ages (okay, propa je ages – padaha baru start tahun lepas huhu). Anyway, I can honestly say that I have no discipline in writing them, as I gain and lose motivation so rapidly that I keep putting my WIP in hiatus. But not this year! This year, I’m going to sit down and write them all down – because this year, I want to at least finish something that I have started.

And those are my resolutions for 2017! It might seem simple, but honestly, fulfilling them is going to be an uphill journey. Nonetheless, it’s still exciting, and I hope that 2017 is a better year than the last!